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Development Process

First Contact

This is where you contact me and say you are interested in me developing your site. I will then have you fill out my site profiler. This is so I can understand your needs and dreams. I will then submit to you an estimate. If it looks good to you, I will then send you some paperwork and we can move onto step two.

Send Me Your Materials

I will send you a checklist of recommended items to provide. Such as any photography, brochures, press releases, etc. This is so I can get to know you better, and also allows me to see what kind of look your site should have. If you don't have anything to send, we then can start from scratch.

Planning is Everything

This is where we brainstorm on what direction to take, and discuss the different aspects of the site. At this time we figure out a timeline so you will know when to expect different landmarks in the developmental process. We also decide what interactive features will get the best results for your site. Finally we decide on how to optimize your site to best position its search engine placement based on certain key words.

Design and Develop for Ease of Use

This is where the rubber hits the road. I develop the look and feel of your site. Selecting appropriate colors, pictures, layout, and site architecture. I will show you some options for the interface design (how it all fits and works together) as well as a sub-page to give you a choice.

Content Optimization

I prefer you to provide the content of the site. If there is anything that needs to be edited, I can edit it and make suggestions on how to optimize the content. On the web - less is more, fresh is better, and be interesting. If you need help writing content I can offer some assistance.

Test, Test, Retest

If the links don't work, a feature doesn't work on all browsers, or there are other noticeable problems with the site. It makes me look bad, and what is worse, it makes you look bad. We try and squash this from happening by having multiple people test the site from different computers and browsers before the site is posted to the Internet. We also make sure that download times are acceptable and that the navigation is intuitive, consistent, and easy to use.

3, 2, 1 Launch

This is the exciting part - when your site goes "live". But, if you don't announce your site, then how will anyone know it is there? Just because you build it doesn't mean they will come. You need to make your presences known. There are some simple things you can do to help spread the word. I can offer some suggestions that will help you get the word out on your site.


Your site will need regular upkeep. It needs to be updated or added to often to ensure that people come back over and over. If you don't, you may loose some people's interest.

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